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We Won a Large Judgement, and Mark Is a Kind and Caring Friend

Law suits and court cases can be terrifying for those of us inexperienced with them. While we did not know Mark before, he became a kind and caring friend as he walked us through this difficult process. He was expert in all areas we had to face and helped us present our best possible case amidst severe illness. In the end we won a large judgement against a terrible company that caused us great harm.


Highly Recommended

My wife was involved in a very serious automobile accident. In the days following the accident, we were lost and hopeless in our situation. We felt anger, sadness and uncertainty in how we were going to move on. Mark was the first person I called. He carefully explained to me in detail what our next steps would be in the legal process. He provided great insight and advised us during the most difficult and trying time in our lives. I cannot say enough good things about Mark and I highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking legal counsel due to a life-altering incident.


Mission Accomplished

It’s been a great experience working with Mark this past year. He’s always been available to return my calls and any questions I may have. My biggest takeaway working with Mark was getting bill SB447 passed. The bill changes the law in California. It allows people, such as my deceased husband, that are involved in lawsuits will still hold companies liable for compensation even after they have passed. I’ve never been a political person, but with Marks help and encouragement, he convinced me to make an impact statement along with other people. The bill was passed and I’m thrilled beyond words that this bill will help others in my situation. Thank you forever Mark,


Compassionate Representation

Mark Bratt was lead attorney in my husband’s mesothelioma case several years ago. From the beginning, I found him to be compassionate and dedicated. Mark always made sure my husband and I were informed and comfortable with the process. The stress of the actual trial must have been incredible, but Mark was patient and composed throughout. By the end of the trial, we felt that Mark had become a true friend. I strongly believe that Mark’s competence and success stem from his empathy for his clients, making him an excellent choice for legal representation.


Great Communication Skills

When we first found out about my mesothelioma diagnosis we didn’t know what to do or where to turn to. Our attorneys went over and beyond in discovering the cause and affects of asbestos and the negligence my employer committed and all the harm this did to me and probably many others. Mark was patient and a very good listener. He listened and gathered all the facts. He worked very hard and persevered in preparing and deliberating our case. His responsiveness and great communication skills helped us settle and win our lawsuit. Thank you for helping us ease the pain and financial loss that comes with this illness.